Thursday, 30 December 2010

Little boy bauw

Bows are an aesthetic marvel. Elegant and playful, I always adore them poised atop a girl's locks. One day recently I wondered, why are they reserved for girls?

Fashion is on a trajectory towards androgyny, although this gender-fluidity only seems to have affected the way women dress. In the 1970s the adoption of jeans into the everywoman's wardrobe set the trend into motion, and in the 1980s power-suits with shoulder pads conjured a more authoritative image of femininity. In recent seasons, androgynous women's fashion has evolved further, as ladies have reimagined the man shirt, baggy slacks and other shapeless items traditionally reserved pour homme.

So isn't it time we gentlemen claimed something back? After all, the options available to a man when getting dressed can be ever so limiting... Introducing a new accessory for man-kind: the 'bauw', or in layman's terms, the male bow.

The bauw is modelled here by Fransisco Lachowski in a Dazed & Confused shoot. The Brazilian wonder-hottie has a quiet power, masculine yet submissive at the same time.

Fransisco is babe'n, and as someone whose head never ceases to turn when a hot guy passes, and whose heart breaks a little every time I see a truly beautiful boy, I guess I could be deemed a 'hottie conosseuir'.

Wrap him up and send him my way. And don't forget the bauw.