Monday, 24 January 2011


Flipping through an issue of i-D magazine recently, I was struck by a vision: a bleach-blonde model with a killer stare and one of the freshest female faces I'd seen in a while. The model's heavy brows and slightly strong jawline work against her angelic lips to create a sight to behold. Then I realised, the model was Andrej Pejič, a Chadwick male model.

Andrej takes androgoyny to a new dimension. Standing at 6'2", the Serbian born, Australian raised glamazon walks in both men's and women's catwalk shows and last year posed for Marc Jacoba with lookalike female model Ginta Lepina.

In further celebration of gender-bending, Andrej recently posed with strong featured, masculine Czech model Karolina Kurkova for a game of spot the dude. Isn't fashion fun?

Fill me with techno and fuck me for hours

I used to hate techno. And then I travelled to Berlin...

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Jesus Christ Superbabe

My friends and I have had an ironic affection for all things Jesus Christ for some years. We've created many Jesus-inspired dance moves, such as one that involves pinning your ankles and wrists to a wall and seeing how much rhythm and movement you can work through the rest of your body. This one time when I did it, JC himself suddenly emerged from the darkness of a squat party...

When it comes to fashion, looking to the church for inspiration can be deemed politically incorrect. But if taboos were never toyed with, what we consider sacred would never change. I adore rosary beads in every shape and form (except for those on thin leather bands). The donning of cross necklaces is in part a protest to the Christian world, as we are transforming the symbol of their savior into a mere fashion statement.

It is no wonder that Blaak's fall 2010 show at Paris Fashion Week caught my eye. Designers Sachiko Okada and Aaron Sharif created a line which incorporates priest-like collars, choir boy shirts, the billowing robes of Franciscan monks and a thorn wreath fit to wear on the cross. Best of all, check the chunky white rosary.


 Jesus Loves You, Blaak.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Too young to whip

If 2010 taught us any lessons about the music industry it was that there is no such thing as too young. Justin Bieber soared to pop super-stardom while resembling a tween, and there are so many things wrong with nine year old Willow Smith's meteoric rise to fame that I don't know where to start.

Willow undoubtedly has the skills but as the child of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith her big break was not a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The ability to act like a child while she still is a child is something which has probably already been eradicated since the release of Whip My Hair.

To perform a thumping dance floor anthem requires a maturity which doesn't sit comfortably on a preteen. The lyrics 'I whip my hair back and forth' are debatably nonsexual, but in the video clip she snarls and sings about partying. I hate to sound conservative, but it all just seems a bit inappropriate. Anyone else foresee a coke-fueled burn out in a year or two?

On a side note, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith named their children Jaden and Willow. If that isn't narcissism then I don't know what is.

Much ado about a Scarlet Lady

Prostitution is a profession associated with sinful, desperate women and lascivious, exploitative patrons. When people discover someone is a prostitute, they are filled with shock and disgust, repulsion even. Sex work is an unspeakable career, yet it is and always has been deeply ingrained in society.

Through my travels I met a Hailey, a sex worker who contradicts many of the trade's stereotypes. Intelligent, educated and from a middle-class background, she chose to do sex worker because she has a relaxed attitude to sex and felt that in terms of money, the end justified the means.

Last week I caught up with Haley to discover what could possess an everyday girl with a sunny disposition to initiate herself in the underworld of sex work. Haley's no-nonsense attitude about it all made me wonder if we're making a big fuss over nothing... Read all here.

For Hailey, prostitution is nothing more than a way to make a quick buck from a few fucks. We live in age where money is the most important things in many people lives, so why shouldn't individuals unashamed of their sexuality trade sex for money, and maybe get an orgasm or two along the way (Hailey claims she has a success rate of one in five with clients)?

Friday, 14 January 2011

Kitsune vol. 9

Here's a cute little track from the latest Kitsune Maison compilation.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

More teen angst

Meet my new friend Gregg Araki.

Gregg is a visionary director who created the cult classic Mysterious Skin as well as lesser known, self-titled 'homo films'. An atmosphere of hostility and sexual depravity pervades his films from the close-up to the background. The shampoo bottle rape scene in Mysterious Skin is burnt into the mind of anyone who has seen the heartbreaking story of a mid-Western hustler...

Araki is no lightweight in getting his message across. His films are heavy, often depicting sadistic gay bashings, but this violence is not simply for shock value. He uses violence to recreate the hostility - real or imagined - which his characters feel from the rest of society due to their deviation from the norm. Totally F**cked Up, The Doomed Generation and Nowhere are Araki's self-titled 'homo films' starring James Duval (best known as the rabbit guy from Donnie Darko). Each installment of the mid '90s triology are about a completely different type of gayness, threaded together by the theme of teenage angst and alienation.

The trilogy features teens sleeping around, high on meth binges, generally acting out and trying to make sense of their lives. These are exactly the type of films that queer youths should watch to understand that there are gay guys and girls out who feel alienated from mainstream society, and sometimes, even from the gay community. The power is cinema lies in the fact that we define ourselves from the films we watch in our formative years, so I hope Araki's films have helped some  homo kids feel less alone.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Cinematic salivation

Okay, this one is going to be good. Black Swan looks like a psychological thriller of impeccable quality as it is directed by the superb Darren Arofonksy, the man responsible for Requiem For a Dream and The Wrestler. Think Single White Female crossed with Fight Club crossed with Centre Stage.

I believe Natalie Portman is the actress of her generation. She intelligently chooses her roles based on both public appeal and artistic merit and there are rumours that Black Swan could bring her some Oscars glory. And Portman is supported by a superb cast - Winona Ryder makes an appearance and Mila Kunis has finally been given a challenging role.

You're awlright, Brighton, you're awlright

Last week a few friends and I ventured down to Brighton. The peaceful little seaside city was a literal and metaphorical breath of fresh air after three months of congested London living.

 You'd pay 10 quid to rent of these if London had a beach.


The artsy Northern lanes.

The Royal Pavilion, a gift from India (how they sent it over, I do not know).

 Me and this guy bonded over the fact that we were both wearing silver jackets.