Friday, 17 December 2010

Black beauties where for art thou?

Naomi Campbell recently noted a decline in the number of black models in high fashion, and to be fair, no brown lady has scaled to the heights reached by Naomi or Tyra Banks in the early 90s.

Enter Ethiopian-born MILF Liya Kebede who has graced the cover of US vogue twice and African-American-Korean Victoria's Secret angel Chanel Iman and Londoner Jordaun Dunn, the first sista to walk for Prada since Namoi. Their presence in the fashion galaxy isn't going to rupture its foundations, but it does a little to appease the imbalance.

These are three of my favourite model of the past year, who just happen to be black.

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Only Black girls can look this good after popping out a few kids!

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