Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Burkini

The week after France follows Belgium's lead in banning burkas from being worn in public, celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has donned an interesting look - the Burkini.

Emerging from the water at Sydney's Bondi Beach look something like a drowned hippo draped in a sheet, Nigella's controversial attire opens a whole can of worms. Nigella says she wore the Burkini due to its unfailable protection from the sun (reportedly it offers 50+ protection), so what is to happen if this a trend which takes off, will French and Belgian women be the only women left unprotected from the sun's intense UV? And more the question, wasn't the bloody boiling once she sat down on the beach to sunbathe?

A celebrity who donned the burka for more political reasons was M.I.A. What happens if M.I.A. chose to wear her burka whilst touring through Paris, would she get arrested due to being a security threat? Ever the attention whore when it comes to political controversy, I'm sure M.I.A. would salivate at the prospect.