Monday, 14 March 2011

Marty up to some news tricks

I love Martin Scorsese. Many of his films - Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The Age of Innocence - are among my favourite and I think his understated storytelling is magical.

Marty's latest creation is a HBO show about prohibition era America, the fascinating decade when the American government banned alcohol. As Boardwalk Empire shows, the illegalisation of liquor had no effect on the amount of it that was drunken (alchol consumption in fact increased during the prohibion years). Rather, a black market for alcohol made a bunch of gangsters rich, and these bootleggers are the protagonists of Scorsese's latest venture.

Although Marty only directed the (world's most expensive ever) pilot episode, he is involved with the show as a producer. The characters teeter on the edge of good and evil in a manner that is trademark Scorsese. Starring hot-as-hell Michael Pitt as a jaded World War I veteran, and the unfailable Steve Bucemi as crooked Atlantic City mayor Nucky Thompson, the show is well-acted, well-conceived and well worth checking out.