Monday, 21 February 2011

Hase can change the world with only her feelings

Stumbling through the Sunday Brick Lane market, one expects to consume some tasty foreign food, have a few ciders with matest, and if you're lucky perhaps find a decent vintage knit. Last week when I ventured into the new territory, the arts and craft section of BL market, the Back Yard hall, and I discovered some art that I really digged.

Her name is Hase, a Japanese artist who makes drawings of gangly, bald, human-like creatures endeavouring to love and connect with one another. Her style is simple and almost child-like, but the overarching sentiment behind the sketches is powerful and elegant. Hase, and her artwork, are adorable.

In an interview on, Hase explains, "I don't know about art. I just draw", and that her inspiration comes from everyday, "common" life. She has moved to London not because anything about the city stimulates her as an artist, but because it has emboldened her as a person, and she can now say with pride "that this poor drawing is my drawing".