Thursday, 20 January 2011

Jesus Christ Superbabe

My friends and I have had an ironic affection for all things Jesus Christ for some years. We've created many Jesus-inspired dance moves, such as one that involves pinning your ankles and wrists to a wall and seeing how much rhythm and movement you can work through the rest of your body. This one time when I did it, JC himself suddenly emerged from the darkness of a squat party...

When it comes to fashion, looking to the church for inspiration can be deemed politically incorrect. But if taboos were never toyed with, what we consider sacred would never change. I adore rosary beads in every shape and form (except for those on thin leather bands). The donning of cross necklaces is in part a protest to the Christian world, as we are transforming the symbol of their savior into a mere fashion statement.

It is no wonder that Blaak's fall 2010 show at Paris Fashion Week caught my eye. Designers Sachiko Okada and Aaron Sharif created a line which incorporates priest-like collars, choir boy shirts, the billowing robes of Franciscan monks and a thorn wreath fit to wear on the cross. Best of all, check the chunky white rosary.


 Jesus Loves You, Blaak.