Sunday, 16 January 2011

Much ado about a Scarlet Lady

Prostitution is a profession associated with sinful, desperate women and lascivious, exploitative patrons. When people discover someone is a prostitute, they are filled with shock and disgust, repulsion even. Sex work is an unspeakable career, yet it is and always has been deeply ingrained in society.

Through my travels I met a Hailey, a sex worker who contradicts many of the trade's stereotypes. Intelligent, educated and from a middle-class background, she chose to do sex worker because she has a relaxed attitude to sex and felt that in terms of money, the end justified the means.

Last week I caught up with Haley to discover what could possess an everyday girl with a sunny disposition to initiate herself in the underworld of sex work. Haley's no-nonsense attitude about it all made me wonder if we're making a big fuss over nothing... Read all here.

For Hailey, prostitution is nothing more than a way to make a quick buck from a few fucks. We live in age where money is the most important things in many people lives, so why shouldn't individuals unashamed of their sexuality trade sex for money, and maybe get an orgasm or two along the way (Hailey claims she has a success rate of one in five with clients)?